Liv Behre

Video Producer


Liv Behre

Video Producer


When all parts of us are awakened, that is when we feel human.

I believe that the single most important element to touch and engage someone is emotion. Authentic truth creates instant connection, and that’s what we all seek when we’re building businesses - we want to connect with our audience, our customer, our client, because we want them to know why what we have will change their lives.

Together we will turn your vision into beautiful and engaging videos that capture the essence of why you do you what you do. We will capture the viewer and skyrocket your exposure through honest connection with your target customer.


my work

my work


Over the past 10 years I have fine-tuned my storytelling skills and moved countless clients to tears in experiencing their own story. I love playing with beautiful images, the voice of truthful sharing, and engaging music to help bring products, services, ideas to the world. My international clients include corporations and non-profits, startups, small businesses and individuals.

I produce:

Promotional videos
Social Media Marketing videos
Event promotion and highlight videos
Wedding and special celebration videos
Speaking and TV hosting reels

An online presence is key for every business, and for some it is the opportunity to spread their message and teachings to the entire world. If an online training is the right product for you to create even more meaningful connection with you audience and maximize your reach in the world, we are a fit! There is nothing that fulfills me more than creating a life-changing experience for YOUR clients.

Together we will:

Have a breakthrough in what your course will be
Determine how participants will feel DURING and AFTER
Design the experience path
Create all video, audio and graphics content
Implement it into a website


some of my favorite projects I worked on

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Liv has a wonderful talent for story-telling. We were delighted with her work on our recent video project.
- Margarete Nielsen, Hay House, COO

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From start to finish, Liv was an amazing partner in creating our on-boarding video: she is incredibly responsive, hands-on, creative, and lovely to be around. She brought an easygoing yet enthusiastic energy to our shoot, and ran a super tight post-production process. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Liv again.
- Maddie Garber, Head of Brand at Bravely

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I love working with Liv because of the uplifting spirit she brings to her work. She cares deeply about the project we did together and I knew those images were in the best hands with her.  I can't wait to work with her again!
- Wendy Sukuzi, Ph.D., Neuroscientist, Author, Speaker
(one of the 10 most watched Ted Talks in 2018)


What we CAN DO together

What we CAN DO together


I will help you connect

with your clients in the most authentic way. Whether through producing video content or creating a whole online course, in me you have an ally, a producer, a consultant that you can trust and who can take your vision from A to Z - effortlessly.

My team and I take care of:
- Conceptualization, script/copy editing and story flow
- Content Production, filming, audio recording
- Editing, animation and graphic design
- Backend website implementation

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“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
- Simon Sinek


Let’s work together!

It would be an honor to tell other humans why you’re doing what you’re doing and share your wisdom with them.