Today’s episode quote is actually an affirmation that i heard for the first time in an intenSati class at the beginning of my journey. If you don’t know what intenSati is, it’s a personal development workout where high cardio moves are paired with affirmation. I had the founder, Patricia Moreno, on the podcast for the third episode, about Aligning Heart, Mind and Body and i highly recommend you check it out.

So, life is happening for me, not to me, instantly resonated because it was so simple to understand at first glance. When something challenging happens, flip the script from negativity and a black hole of despair and go to positivity, to having faith that things are here to teach you something. If you have read even only one blog post about personal development you know that is one of the foundational premises to actually improving your life, to know that things happen for a reason, that you can learn from any challenge, and that if you actually manage to stand the course and believe it in the moment the challenge is unfolding, your overcoming of that challenge can be much better and the recovery much more effective. So far so good.

But, and here’s a big, huge BUT, when you’re in situation where you lost your job, your best friend died, your house burns down, how in the world are you still supposed to find a silver lining?

Well, today’s guest is the perfect person to talk to about this because he is one of the most steady and positivity-oriented people I know. Joel Readence is a life and leadership coach for one of the largest companies in the world and he coaches leaders and executives in finding their purpose, gain more fulfillment in their lives, and achieve a full life-work integration. These are all great reasons for Joel to be on the podcast in the first place, but the main reason I thought he would be great for this episode is because he had an immense loss in his life, that by applying this rule, life is happening for me, he made a huge life-change that led him into this field in the first place. I’ll let Joel tell Joel’s story, and I am so excited for you to hear him speak about life lessons and self-discovery. Happy listening!