Mindset expert and fitness guru Patricia Moreno is a genius in all things training: training the mind, the body, the heart, but also confidence, self-love, and all things personal power. She helps her clients train their whole being so they can become the humans they want to be, find their true purpose in life and thrive.

Patricia is also the person who initiated me on this path of personal development. When I took my first intenSati class, her signature workout that she created when she was one of the top fitness instructors at Equinox (a world-wide luxury gym, she has left the company in 2015), I was hooked. Also because the class was fun and a great experience, but mainly because I felt that this class would somehow change my being to what I really aspired to be.

I wasn’t disappointed, and as I proceeded to work for Patricia for 4 years, I also embarked on a journey that completely transformed me and let me to truly love my being, reframe relationship, discover my purpose, and achieve my life-goals. I kid you not when I say that this podcast wouldn’t exist without her.

It is therefore a great privilege for me to have her on the podcast this week talking about the alignment of heart, mind and body. It’s something you hear and read especially in connection to yoga and fitness studio, but how does this alignment really work? How do we start aligning ourselves in our lives, and more importantly, how do we stay aligned “off the mat” as they say?

It wouldn’t be a surprise to me if you had a completely different way at looking not only at exercise, but at your whole self. Patricia’s way of explaining basic mindset concepts can be truly eye-opening.

I loved talking to Patricia for this, and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Happy listening!