Guys, it’s here! The first episode of What Does It Mean? is published!

I am so excited you’re here, and frankly, I am very excited to be here! I love having conversations like the ones we are going to have on this podcast, and it is a dream of mine come true to have them intentionally and to share them.

At 12 years old I realized that if I was upset or sad, I could just go outside and the first person I would talk to would make me feel happy again. It would happen in an instant, and so every time I felt that way I would go outside, talk to someone, either a stranger at the store or a neighbor of my village in the Italian part of Switzerland, and feel better. It would happen in a moment.

It still works – that’s how I know I am an extrovert, right? And I love that something so simple as a human connection can put me in a completely different state in a moment. But, as we grow up, life gets a little more complicated, so it became more and more difficult to change my mood on the long run, and that technique just provided a very temporary relief. I didn’t notice that at the time either, because frankly, I was going through life without feeling much. Until I moved to New York and I found intenSati.

This amazing workout that combines high cardio movement with spoken affirmation was my new trick, and even more so, it really changed me at my core. The mood change was lasting! And it initiated me on a true path of transformation.

By being exposed to this whole new world of mind empowerment I started to unpack underlaying conscious and subconscious blockages and pains, and that led me onto an incredible life-transforming path – that I am still on – and that led me here, to the creation of this podcast.

I am a very analytical person, which serves well for a journalist. That is the career I was in for the first few years of my adult life, until I moved to New York and everything changed with one intenSati class. And while I have come a long way in trusting my feelings too and not only revert to logic, it’s still in my nature to understand certain concepts. It comes to no surprise then that one day I thought, but what does it mean to raise your vibration? How does one do that?

And every time I would scroll on Instagram, I would see so many of those quotes that sounded really good, but that I just wasn’t sure I truly, fully understood. So that led me to thinking, “How many people are in my same position, of not really understanding what this means?”

That’s when I decided to create this podcast, where I will talk to experts in various fields about those quotes that are so “instagrammable” and that we’re so quick to “like” or “love”, and that maybe when unpacked and looked at a deeper level can five us much more than just the impulse to double tap on our phone.

This first conversation is with Primavera Salva, a spiritual teacher whose core message is to transform with love. The way Primavera explains spiritually complex problems is truly understandable, and I am so happy that we had this conversation at her beautiful home in New York City. Find more information in the show notes at then end of this blog post.

We explored what a vibration is, how to raise it, and especially how to do so in extremely challenging situations, when you don’t even want to change your mood because you’re so sad and mad that all you want to do is crawl underneath your blanket and cry.

This conversation led me to understand that when I discovered the ability to be happy when I talked to someone, I was intentionally raising my vibration. I just had no clue that I was doing it.

intenSati? Raises my vibration. As do most forms of physical exercise. What else? Listen to the episode and find out!

I hope that by listening you can have an “aha-moment”, and that you will share this episode with someone in your life that can learn something, too. Especially now that we just launched, it is incredibly important that we get ratings and subscriptions, so that we can get far up on the “New” category. So please subscribe, rate, and follow WDIM on Facebook to leave comments and post your favorite quote, or one you would like to hear talked about on the pod.

Go out and talk to someone today – it’s good for everybody :)

Much love


  • You can find more information about Primavera Salva on her website.

  • The Einstein quote that Primavera and I couldn’t remember is: “Energy can’t be created or destroyed.”

  • This is the link to the Super Soul Conversation with Larry Dossey, the surgeon who is incorporating prayer into his medical practice.

  • Here is more information about the stone Black Opsidian that Primavera mentions in the podcast.